Fabrizio Martini

Web Content Specialist - AEM Expert Certified

About me

I am a web content specialist and a certified expert in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6 Business Practitioner) based in Prague (ČR) with a degree in Economics and Business.

I am the founder of italia praga one way, the biggest online community of Italians in Czech Republic as well as the social media manager of Italiansinfuga, the most influential blog for Italian expats all over the world.

I possess excellent communication skills and have experience as a high school teacher in financial mathematics and economics.

Check out all my past and current collaborations on my portfolio page.

Thanks to my previous experience as digital entrepreneur and world traveler, I am extremely skilled in digital marketing, web content production, social media management and SEO optimization.

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To have more details about my job experiences, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Logo WPP

Content Manager for HSBC
at Wunderman WPP Prague

2017 – current

HSBC | Digital Production | Wunderman Production

Fabrizio Martini Senior Content Editor Wunderman WPP Prague

Web Content Editor for Ford
at Wunderman WPP Prague

2016 – 2017

MSC Site Maintenance | Wunderman Production Center

Logo italiapragaoneway.eu

SEO & Content Specialist

2010 – current

The biggest online community of
Italians in the Czech Republic

Italiansinfuga Logo 250

Web Content Specialist
Social Media Manager

2013 – 2018

The first blog for Italian expats
all over the world

Logo Slow Food Valdichiana

Social Media Manager
Email marketing specialist

2012 – 2016

Managing social media and
running email campaigns


Web Content Writer
SEO specialist

2013 – 2014

Writing and SEO optimizing contents for economics websites.

fabrizio martini high school teacher

High School Teacher


Introduced a new teaching method using blogs, newsletters and social networks

AEJ association european journalists

Member of AEJ
Delegate of the Czech Republic


Member of the Association of European Journalists


Download my CV with the most relevant and recent experiences.
(updated in October 2017)

For further information, don’t forget to check the recommendations left by clients and colleagues on my LinkedIn profile.



Manager, Digital Operations – Wunderman (WPP)

Fabrizio has been part of my team of web content editors for our client Ford Motor Company. He’s smart and learns fast. He’s able to teach his colleagues and suggest new ways of work. He’s very sociable and friendly. Definitely a good asset in a team! Recommended.

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LinkedInJune 2018


Carlos Quinó

Ford Digital Production Team Lead – Wunderman (WPP)

I’ve worked with Fabrizio and besides being an excellent colleague he has great skills for technology and digital marketing. He’s friendly and always trying to help the others, if he doesn’t know anything he always tries to investigate and reach the point of knowledge. He’s one of the co-workers, or people i managed, that evolved inside the company in a faster growth. He always puts a lot of mind and heart to anything he does and without any doubt i would recommend him to any company.

Contact him here.
LinkedInAugust 2018



Founder of italiansinfuga.com

Fabrizio provided an excellent service as social media manager for all platforms used by Italiansinfuga by increasing the number of our followers and our level of exposure. He demonstrated a deep understanding of how social media works.

Contact him here.
LinkedInMarch 2015



Senior Project Manager | Jellyfish

I have worked with Fabrizio for more than ten months. During this time, he proved to be a fast-learning individual capable of acquiring all necessary skills to efficiently perform his work.

I strongly recommend Fabrizio for any social media position as he is passionate and knowledgeable in this field. He is a truly team player and an excellent colleague when it comes to team work.

A valuable worker who will become a key asset of the company he works for.

Contact him here.
Source: LinkedInoctober 2016



Team Lead | Wunderman Prague

Fabrizio has been working in Wunderman as a web content editor since February 2016 and since the first weeks he proved to be highly skilled for the role and got better and better in a short period of time, and so he did. He is a hard worker and he is extremely curious regarding technology and the Internet. This passion is essential for working in a digital marketing agency. I would say that Fabrizio is a very good asset for the Team.

Contact her here.
Source: LinkedIn – August 2016

Sandra Bašovská


Online Marketing Specialist | Unipetrol

Fabrizio has shown his ability to react to any situation calmly. He is always helpful and never lets on that he is under pressure. His focus is on solutions, not problems, and on improving communication and teamwork. He is proactive and eager to learn where technology is concerned. I can say with confidence that he fosters good relations with his colleagues and inspires us to achieve more in a day.

Contact her here.
Source: LinkedInFebruary 2017

Vlad Ilie


Analyst consultant | Capgemini

It was a pleasure working with Fabrizio during my experience as a freelance journalist at La Voce. He’s an excellent leader: charismatic, detail-oriented and goal-driven. He has consistently demonstrated efficient communication and management skills. He shared a lot of his considerable WordPress and marketing knowledge, making him a great mentor.

Contact him here.
Source: LinkedInSeptember 2015

vasiliki vicky prokopi


Data Analyst | Wunderman

Fabrizio is a great colleague, a sharp mind and a passion for digital marketing and technology. In working with him over the past six months, I always found him eager to help and explain. His entrepreneurial endeavors are impressive. He is the creator and curator of a popular blog for Italian expats in Prague,which means he is skilled in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, etc. At last but not least, I fully endorse him for any position in digital marketing and communication.

Contact her here.
Source: LinkedIn – March 2017

Ilaria Severi


Campaign & Social Media Manager | TheCirqle.com

I have known Fabrizio for several years now and I must say he is a great professional with a lot of international experience. He is very energetic and has a lot of self-initiative which makes him a great professional. He speaks English very well and he is made to work for the web. He is very passionate about his job!

Contact her here.
Source: LinkedIn – June 2016

Nicole LeTellier


Marketing Consultant

Fabrizio is one of the most meticulous people I’ve ever worked with. His technical knowledge is vast and comprehensive. He knows more about website design than most people learn in their lifetime.

Contact her here.
Source: LinkedInJanuary 2017



Service Desk Specialist | Wunderman

Fabrizio is a wonderful colleague. He started in February as a Web Content Editor in Wunderman, and He was immediately into the job. He’s intelligent, fast learning, smart, and always keen to collaborate and help others colleagues. He’s a perfect team worker, with a lot of intellectual skills above the average. He shared with me his knowledge about SEO, Marketing, WordPress, and HTML.

He showed great humility and indipendecy since the beginning. His english in pretty good, and he’s not scary to speak with anyone cause he’s really friendly and easygoing person. It’s really a pleasure working with him.

Contact her here.
Source: LinkedInAugust 2016


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