Fabrizio Martini founder seo specialist italia praga one way

SEO Specialist & Web Content Manager

I founded italia praga one way in 2010. Started as a simple Facebook fan page for Italian expats in Prague, it then became a project dedicated to all the Italians living in the Czech Republic.

The first website was founded in 2013 and then the project was moved to a next step in 2016.


  • administering the WordPress blog
  • building the editorial plan
  • creating articles based on keywords research to boost SEO growth
  • search engines optimization of blog contents (Google, Bing, Yahoo and other)
  • managing all the social media platforms (Facebook pages and groups, Instagram). Increased shares, likes and fans.

Overall italia praga one way has over 17,000 fans across all the social networks (data of June 2018)


  • as of January 2017, it is the most visited website from people that want to visit, move and live in the Czech Republic
  • increased organic unique visitors from 5,000/month to 150,000/month
  • researched and developed personal SEO tactics based on data and trends taken from Google AdWords, Google Trends, Google Analytics and SEO tools
  • developed title tag, description of meta tags and highlighted and added relevant links to site than increased the search engine results page from 10 to number 1 for most of the relevant keywords
  • reduced the bounce rate from 65% to 28%